The HyperV Architecture and its Memory Manager by Andrea Allievi

SGX Enclave programming: common mistakes by Michael Atlas

Digging Into the Core of Boot by Yuriy Bulygin, Oleksandr Bazhaniuk

BASS Automated Signature Synthesizer Mariano Graziano, Jonas Zaddach

BinCAT: purrfecting binary static analysis Philippe Biondi, Xavier Mehrenberger, Raphaël Rigo, Sarah Zennou

Bochspwn Reloaded: Detecting Kernel Memory Disclosure with x86 Emulation and Taint Tracking - Mateusz “j00ru” Jurczyk

Bubble Struggle - Call Graph Visualization with Radare2 - Marion Marschalek

You can run, but you can’t hide - Vlad Sabaka

Crypton - Exposing malware’s deepest secrets - Julia karpin, Anna Dorfman

Reverse Engineering DSSS - Michael Ossmann

Exporting IDA Debug Information - Adam Schwalm

FreeCalypso: a fully liberated GSM baseband - Mychaela Falconia

POSTSCRIPT - FreeCalypso: a fully liberated GSM baseband - Mychaela Falconia

Hacking Cell Phone Embedded Systems -Keegan Ryan

The Life-Changing Magic of IDAPython: Embedded Device Edition - Maddie Stone

MazeWalker - Enriching static malware analysis - Yevgeniy Kulakov

Miasm: reverse engineering framework - Fabrice Desclaux, Camille Mougey

ZapZap! bangBang! - Ang Cui, Rick Housley