Recon2012 - PREVIEW

Recon 2012

Event Speakers

Backside optical analysis hardware/software running on ICs

Be Social. Use Rewoltke.

Bootkit Threats: In-Depth Reverse Engineering & Defense

Coffee Break & IDA Pro Book Signing

Coffee Break & Practical Malware Analysis Book Signing

Compiler Internals: Exceptions and RTTI

Cryptographic Function Identification in Obfuscated Binary Programs

Debugging Baseband Stacks

Designing a minimal operating system to emulate 32/64bits x86 code snippets, shellcode or malware in Bochs

Doing it for the Lulz: Anonymous and a Radical Politics of Dissent

Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Frameworks: I know you're there spying on me

Extraordinary String Based Attacks

Facedancer USB: Exploiting the Magic School Bus

GPUs for Mobile Malware, Mitigation and More

Thinking outside-the-CPU

Injecting custom payload into signed Windows executables

Analysis of the CVE-2012-0151 vulnerability

Inside AVM

Modern static security checking of C / C++ programs

Predicting English keywords from Java Bytecodes using Machine Learning

Recognition of binary patterns by Morphological analysis

Reverse engineering of binary programs for custom virtual machines

Reversing Point-of-Sale Systems: Potential Vulnerabilities in Transactions

The Case for Semantics-Based Methods in Reverse Engineering

Title: Windows 8 User Mode Drivers

Reliability Panacea, or Security Nightmare?


reversing dwarf fortress for !!fun!! and ruby