Recon2012 - PREVIEW

Recon 2012

Tillmann Werner

Georg and Tillmann first met at a conference where Georg got his laptop stolen. It wasn't his fault, the food he was enjoying was just too good. They returned to the same conference a couple years later to give a joint talk and considered sleeping in shifts in order to get the slides done in time. It was at a different event where Georg was almost denied access to the icebreaker because his nickname on the nametag was believed to be an SQL injection attempt, but Tillmann could vouch for him. One of Georg's favourite memories together is when Tillmann accidently the whole P2P botnet by letting slip into all the peer lists unintentionally. Both share a deep love for bytecode analysis and things that involve hot tubs and beer (not what you think). Goes without saying that they have a need for high quality collaborative reversing tools.