We’d like to congratulate the submitters who have been selected for the first phase of the CFP!

  • Bubble Wars: Call Graph Visualization with Radare2

    – by Marion Marschalek

  • Damn vulnerable SGX enclave

    – by Michael Atlas

  • Fun with Sam: Inside the Surface Aggregator Module

    – by Alex Ionescu

  • The HyperV Architecture and its Memory Manager

    – by Andrea Allievi

  • The Lightbulb Worm: A Debriefing on Philips Hue Attacks

    – by Colin O’Flynn and Eyal Ronen

  • You can run, but you can’t hide

    – by Vlad Sabaka

  • zapZap! bangBang! - Defeating Secure Boot Using Electromagnetic Pulses and badFET

    – by Ang Cui and Rick Housley

There is still time to get your submissions in for this edition of Recon Montreal; the CFP closes on April 15th, and the final selection will be announced during the first week of May!