Brett Stone-Gross and Tillmann Werner


23-26 January 2017


24 Seats


3200 EURO before January 1,
3600 EURO after.

Learn how to apply reverse-engineering to botnet takeover attacks. This 4-day training will teach the fundamentals of botnet command-and-control protocol reversing, identifying and breaking cryptography, as well as reconstructing botnet topologies and identifying weaknesses in their infrastructure. Students will learn to use this knowledge to design botnet takeover attacks and practice their skills in various hands-on exercises.


Dr. Brett Stone-Gross is a security researcher that specializes in malware analysis, reverse engineering, and attack attribution. Brett has authored more than a dozen publications presented at top computer security conferences around the world. His work has led to the disruption of large-scale cybercriminal operations, including botnets that were used for financial theft, click-fraud, spam and fake antivirus software.

Tillmann Werner is a researcher that fights advanced cyber threats. He specializes in malware reverse-engineering and is continuously developing strategies for proactive botnet mitigation. As a member of the Honeynet Project, Tillmann is actively involved with the global computer security community and is a regular speaker on the international conference circuit.

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