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info recon cx 
The REcon team:

Hugo Fortier: hfortier recon c x
Sam: sam recon c x
Cade Cairns: cade recon c x
Jamie Gamble: jamie recon c x
Jeremie MacKenzie: jeremie recon c x

The art presently on this site was made for Recon 2017 by Jeremie.
Hugo: 0x2B55692746FEB4BB | 9B91 7DE4 5CC6 AF74 8E6D
                           EF0A 89E6 2BE4 D2EE 2886
Sam:  0x2FD4AF0556C062DA | 168B 1BDA 4CD2 A9E5 0331
                           5EB5 2FD4 AF05 56C0 62DA
CFP:  0xB77ACE1FF1D34D02 | C33E C9EB D2C9 5AF1 2910
(cfpbrussels2017 recon cx) E422 B77A CE1F F1D3 4D02