Vitor Ventura has worked in IT Security for over 15 years, including secure architecture design, firewall management, Identity and access management solution design and implementation, IDPS Management, computer forensics, incident management and product evaluation. He thus has a very broad knowledge of computer operating systems and hardware. Vitor has worked mostly with the banking industry, and therefore has a good understanding of the standards and compliance needs of the industry regarding cyber security and privacy. Vitor has worked with clients to transform their IT infrastructures into hardened environments. At IBM EMEA CSAR Vitor has worked on many cases system compromised and involving malware, investigating malware infections in detail and performing reverse engineering of malware samples to understand how that sample works and how to block it or remediate its effects and behaviors. Vitor has also supported several customers on DDoS ransom incidents, determining where the weaknesses are and how to remove or mitigate them. Vitor holds multiple security related certifications like GREM (GIAC Reverse Engineer Malware), CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), MITS (Master IT Specialist – Security)