Although Francisco had always had the curiosity inherent to hackers to take apart things to see how they worked and even fix them and learned how to use MS-DOS with 7 years so he could play Commander Queen on his father’s computer things looked as if he was just going to be a computer programmer. After spending a summer reading Bruce Schneier’s applied cryptography and taking part, after lots of persuasion by the organizers, on a CTF competition where he wrote his own tools things started escalating quickly. Since then Francisco has done things like participating in some CTFs, becoming a Gentoo Hardened developer, writing an Arduino bootloader able to cryptographically verify updates, contributed cryptographic code to the Haskell community, written a fast implementation of the TTH algorithm and championed the introduction of new standards in the ADC protocol. Currently, Francisco works as a pentester and in house developer at Securelink, where he also supports other workers in cryptographic matters whilst trying to do his research in his spare time.