By: Liang Chen, Qidan He

Scheduled on: June 17 at 14:00

OS X El Capitan has introduced new exploit mitigations to the kernel. Such mitigations include “vm_map_copy” mitigation, System Integrity Protection/Rootless, SMAP (enforced on new model of Macbook Pro), etc. Combining with the existing modern OS exploit mitigations like kASLR, DEP, exploiting OS X El Capitan kernel became harder. Approaches to defeat those new mitigations have been discovered by security researchers in late 2015, but most of them have additional prerequisite to either the bug or the environment. For example, the technology to overwrite the size of vm_map_copy requires a perfect zone overflow (overflowed length controllable + content controllable), also some of the technology requires creating specific user client which is prohibited by sandboxed processes (Safari WebContent, Chrome sandbox, etc.)

In this talk, we will introduce a new approach to exploit the El Capitan kernel from the most restrictive sandboxed process (Safari WebContent). The new approach is universal to all OS X kernel and doesn’t require too much on bug quality. Only a single write (not necessarily arbitrary value) is needed to pwn everything (including info leak, kASLR, DEP, SIP, SMAP bypass). The new technology will be illustrated by a live remote root demo during the talk.