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├── Recon2013-Aleksandr Matrosov and Eugene Rodionov- Reconstructing Gapz Position-Independent Code Analysis Problem.mp4
├── Recon2013-Alex Ionescu- I got 99 problems but a kernel pointer ain't one.mp4
├── Recon2013-Bacura- Just keep trying - Unorthodox ways to hack an old-school hardware.mp4
├── Recon2013-Christopher Domas aka The Future of RE - Dynamic Binary Visualization.mp4
├── Recon2013-Christopher Hoder and Theodore Sumers.mp4
├── Recon2013-Craig Smith.mp4
├── Recon2013-Dmitry Nedospasov and Thorsten Schroder- Keep your tentacles off my bus- introducing Die Datenkrake.mp4
├── Recon2013-Elias Bachaalany- Inside EMET 4.0.mp4
├── Recon2013-Francois Chagnon- Python bindings for Hexrays Decompiler.mp4
├── Recon2013-Jesse D'Aguanno- XNU Spelunking or Fuzzing the kernel inside your kernel.mp4
├── Recon2013-Josh m0nk Thomas and Nathan Natron Keltner.mp4
├── Recon2013-Josh "m0nk" Thomas- Hiding @ Depth.mp4
├── Recon2013-Joshua J Drake aka jduck.mp4
├── Recon2013-Natalie Silvanovich- Many More Tamagotchis Were Harmed in the Making of this Presentation.mp4
├── Recon2013-Oleg Afonin- Apple iCloud services reversed inside out.mp4
├── Recon2013-Olivier Thomas- Hardware reverse engineering tools.mp4
└── Recon2013-Ruby feinstein Omri Ildis Yuval Ofir.mp4

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