Recon 2011

Jonathan Stuart

Jonathan Stuart has multiple years of experience in developing operating systems. Most of his operating systems experience comes from the UNIX/UNIX-like arena. He has worked as a Senior Unix Kernel Engineer at a networking company, responsible for network and security tasks, until leaving to pursue his own research interests. Before that he worked at VMware for approximately three years, and prior to that he worked for various companies (including Entercept - now McAfee's Host-Based IPS product, for which he wrote exploits for their Solaris/SPARC edition which would then be used to create signatures from the system-calls the exploits used). He has spoken at Arizona State University, ISSA, and at 2010's Recon on the internals of telephone switches. After hacking his way out of the ghetto of Compton, California, (y0 all my p33pz) as a teenager, he now enjoys researching low-level / systems-level / security stuff without the fear of having to dodge bullets while crossing the street, and distracting sounds of gunshots at 3 A.M. Other hobbies include hip-hop, painting with oils, vegan cuisine, and long walks on the beach.