Recon 2011

Milosch Meriac

Milosch has over 20 years experience in the information security business and hardware development and is CTO of Bitmanufaktur GmbH in Berlin.

His most recent work was breaking iCLASS Standard security see HID iCLASS™ security demystified and Heart of Darkness - exploring the uncharted backwaters of HID iCLASS™ security.

He is the Co-Founder of active and passive RFID open source projects like Sputnik/OpenBeacon, OpenPCD and OpenPICC and committed to RFID related security research. As a member of the Blinkenlights Stereoscope Core Team he designed the 2.4GHz OpenBeacon based Dimmmer/Ethernet Hardware that was used in the Toronto City Hall Installation. As one of the three maintainers of the former Xbox-Linux Project he helped breaking the Xbox security and ported the first Linux System to the Xbox.

His focus is on hardware development, embedded systems, RF designs, active and passive RFID hardware development, custom-tailoring of embedded Linux hardware platforms, real time systems, IT-security and reverse engineering.