The (Long) Journey To A Multi-Architecture Disassembler by Joan Calvet
The ROM matrix revolutions: Unscrambling bits by Chris Gerlinsky
Seeing Inside the Encrypted Envelope by Natalie Silvanovich
Vectorized Emulation: Putting it all together by Brandon Falk
The Path to the Payload: Android Edition by Maddie Stone
Defeating APT10 Compiler-level Obfuscations by Takahiro Haruyama (Need fix in video title ATP10 to APT10)
The Backdoor Foundry: A Toolchain for Building Application Specific Implants by Evan Jensen
Automation Techniques in C++ Reverse Engineering by Rolf Rolles
Reversing and Exploiting Broadcom Bluetooth by Dennis Mantz and Jiska
Attacking Hexagon: Security Analysis of Qualcomm's ADSP by Dimitrios Tatsis
Unveiling the underground world of Anti-Cheats by Joel Noguera
The Last Generic Win32k KASLR Defeat in Windows 10 by Alex Ionescu
MINimum Failure - Stealing Bitcoins with Electromagnetic Fault Injection by Colin O'Flynn
The road to Qualcomm TrustZone apps fuzzing by Slava Makkaveev
The Unseen Dangers of Bloatware by Bill Demirkapi
Mining Disputed Territories: Studying Attacker Signatures for Improved Situational Awareness by Juan Andres Guerrero-Saade
X-Ray Reverse Engineering by George Tarnovsky
Hacking the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets by Dmitry Nedospasov and Thomas Roth
Snow Crashing Virtual Reality, 2019 Edition by Alex Radocea
Burned in Ashes: Baseband Fairy Tale Stories by Guy
Using WPP and TraceLogging Tracing to Facilitate Dynamic and Static Windows RE by Matt Graeber