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Speaker: Claudiu Teodorescu

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Claudiu Teodorescu is a Research Scientist with an extensive background in Computer Forensics, Cryptography and Reverse Engineering. Prior to joining Cylance, Claudiu worked for FireEye, in the FLARE (FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering) team as a Sr. Reverse Engineer, leading research projects such as WMI and Application Compatibility based malware persistence, Windows 10 RAM page compression and also serving as an instructor of FLARE's Advanced Malware Analysis course (BlackHat USA 2015, 2016). Prior to FireEye, he worked for Guidance Software as Principal Developer/Manager writing forensic parsers for different file formats, mail containers and integrations with different disk/volume/file-based encryption products to support the EnCase tool. Claudiu is the author of the WMI-parser tool to help IR teams forensically identify malware persistence.