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Speaker: Marco Grassi

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Marco Grassi is currently a Senior Security Researcher of the Keen Lab of Tencent (previously known as Keen Team). He is part of the team that won the "Mobile Master of Pwn" title in Tokyo for Mobile Pwn2Own 2016, working on iOS. He was also one of the main contributors at Desktop Pwn2Own 2016 for the Safari target with sandbox escape to root. He is a member of the team who won the title of "Master Of Pwn" at Pwn2Own 2016. He found a VMWare escape at Desktop pwn2own 2017, and baseband RCE and wifi iOS at Mobile pwn2own 2017 where we were awarded "Master Of Pwn" for the third time. He has spoken at several international security conferences such as Black Hat USA, Defcon, CanSecWest, ZeroNights, Codegate, HITB and ShakaCon. You can find him on Twitter at @marcograss.