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Speaker: Liang Chen

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Liang Chen is a senior security researcher at KeenLab of Tencent (formerly known as Keen Team). Liang has a strong research experience on software vulnerability exploitation and vulnerability discovery. During these years, Liang's major research area was browser exploitation including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc on both PC and mobile platform. Also Liang researches sandbox escape technology on various platforms. Liang led Tencent Security Team Sniper to win "Master of Pwn" in Pwn2own 2016. Liang led the team to win "Master of Pwn" in Mobile Pwn2Own 2016 and Mobile Pwn2Own 2017. Liang is also the winner of iPhone Safari category in Mobile Pwn2own 2013 and Mavericks Safari category in Pwn2Own 2014. Liang developed Keen Jailbreak for iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 11.1.1. Liang has spoken at several security conferences including XCON 2013, BlackHat Europe 2014, CanSecWest 2015/2016, POC 2015/2016/2017, BlackHat 2016, RECon 2016, Infiltrate 2017 etc.