Good news everyone !

Here is the list of selected talks for Recon Brussels 2018.

  • Breaking state-of-the-art binary code obfuscation - A program synthesis based approach

    – by Tim Blazytko & Moritz Contag

  • Decompiler internals: microcode

    – Ilfak Guilfanov

  • DIY ARM Debugger for Wi-Fi Chips

    – by Matthias Schulz

  • Dissecting QNX - Analyzing & Breaking QNX Exploit Mitigations and Secure Random Number Generators

    – by Ali Abbasi & Jos Wetzels

  • Hacking Toshiba Laptops - Or how to mess up your firmware security

    – by Michał Kowalczyk & Serge Bazanski

  • Linux Vulnerabilities, Windows Exploits: Escalating Privileges with WSL

    – by Saar Amar

  • Mess with the best, die like the rest (mode).

    – by Volodymyr Pikhur

  • Neurosurgery for Industrial Routers: Security of Sarian OS

    – by Danila Parnishchev

  • Reverse Engineering Windows Defender’s JavaScript Engine

    – by Alexei Bulazel

  • Reversing IoT: Xiaomi ecosystem - Gain cloud independence and additional functionality by firmware modification

    – by Dennis Giese & Daniel Wegemer

  • Robin Hood vs Cisco ASA AnyConnect - Discovering and exploiting a vulnerability in your firewall

    – by Cedric Halbronn

  • Starcraft: Emulating a buffer overflow for fun and profit

    – by Elias “@0xeb” Bachaalany

  • Subverting your server through its BMC: the HPE iLO4 case

    – by Alexandre Gazet, Joffrey Czarny & Fabien Perigaud

  • Visiting The Snake Nest

    – by Matthieu Faou & Jean-Ian Boutin

  • When Virtual Hell Freezes Over - Reversing C++ Code

    – by Gal Zaban