…A short break in the static…

Hello everyone, apologies for the extended radio silence.

Firstly, we would like to congratulate the submitters who have been selected for the first phase of the CFP!
They are:

  • Breaking state-of-the-art binary code obfuscation

    – by Tim Blazytko and Moritz Contag

  • DIY ARM Debugger for Wi-Fi Chips

    – by Matthias Schulz

  • Reverse Engineering Windows Defender’s JavaScript Engine

    – by Alexei Bulazel

  • Starcraft: Emulating a buffer overflow for fun and profit

    – by Elias Bachaalany

  • Subverting your server through its BMC: the HPE iLO4 case

    – by Alexandre Gazet, Joffrey Czarny and Fabien Perigaud

Additionally, the late birds might be excited to hear that we are extending the CFP until November 27th! There is still some time to get your submissions in for REcon Brussels 2018!

And as a small treat before the holidays, the REcon Montreal 2017 recordings are starting appear online!


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