By: Markus Gaasedelen, Nick Burnett

Scheduled on: June 19 at 10:00

Reverse engineering is an exercise of exploration and digital cartography. Researchers slowly unearth bits and pieces of a puzzle, putting them together to better understand the bigger picture. Binaries, like puzzles, can be put together much faster in collaboration with others. And with services such as Google Docs, Office 365, or Etherpad, it is easy to recognize the power and effectiveness of real-time collaboration in the digital space.

Unfortunately, reverse engineering as many know it today is almost exclusively an individual experience. Our present reversing tools offer little in the way of collaboration among multiple users. This can make reverse engineering tedious and wasteful in a fast-paced team setting.

In this talk we’ll be publicly unveiling Sol[IDA]rity, the newest collaborative solution for the popular disassembler IDA Pro. What started as a simple plugin to sync IDA databases between users in real-time, soon evolved into an interconnectivity platform for IDA with endless potential. Join us for a glimpse at the latest generation of collaborative reverse engineering.