By: Nico Golde, Daniel Komaromy

Scheduled on: June 18 at 11:00

In recent years, over-the-air exploitation of cellular baseband vulnerabilities has been a recurring topic in the security community as well as the media. However, since “All Your Baseband Are Belong To Us” in 2010, there has been little public research on exploiting cellular modems directly.

Now, Breaking Band is back with a new season by popular demand

We will describe our methodology for reverse engineering the RTOS, starting from unpacking proprietary loading formats to understanding the security architecture and the operation of the real-time tasks, identifying attack surfaces, and enabling debugging capabilities.

Through this, we’ll give you a complete walkthrough of what it takes to go from zero to zero-day exploit, owning the baseband of a major flagship phone, as we have done at Mobile Pwn2Own 2015.