Applied hacking on legacy monolithic MSC and HLR to modular ATCA's reversing and mobile platforms

Instructor: Philippe Langlois
Dates: 17-18 June 2015
Capacity: 15 Seats

Learn about contemporary telecom and mobile system reverse engineering within the context of Telecom and Mobile Network operators and how core telecom infrastructure operates, down to the usage of these services by operators; mobile apps and handset manufacturer's platforms.

We will see from the mobile handset (Android, apps, platform) to the enterprise applications (iPBX) up to the Core Network how these technologies meshed together and how to make sense of their protocols and applications.

Part 1: Handsets & subscriber applications

Part 2: PBX, Femtocell and enterprise access methods

Part 3: Core Network protocols & network element

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Philippe Langlois is an entrepreneur and leading security researcher, expert in the domain of telecom and network security. He has founded internationally recognized security companies (Qualys, WaveSecurity, INTRINsec, P1 Security) as well as led technical, development and research teams (Solsoft, TSTF). He founded Qualys and led the world-leading vulnerability assessment service. He founded a pioneering network security company Intrinsec in 1995 in France. His first business, Worldnet, France's first public Internet service provider, was founded in 1993. Philippe was also lead designer for Payline, one of the first e-commerce payment gateways. He has written and translated security books, including some of the earliest references in the field of computer security, and has been giving speeches on network security since 1995 (Interop, BlackHat, HITB, Previously a professor at Ecole de Guerre Economique and various universities in France (Amiens, Marne La Vallée) and internationally (FUSR-U, EERCI, ANRSI). He is a FUSR-U collaborator and founding member. Philippe advises industry associations (GSM Association Security Group, several national organizations) and governmental officials and contributes to Critical Infrastructure advisory committees and conferences in Telecom and Network security. Now, Philippe is providing with P1 Security the first Core Network Telecom Signaling security scanner & auditor which help telecom companies, operators and government analyze where and how their critical telecom network infrastructure can be attacked. He can be reached through his website at: p1security.

Philippe has previously presented at the following security/hacking conferences:, Hack in the Box (HITB, Amsterdam, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur), Blackhat, Hackito Ergo Sum (paris,france), SOURCE, Chaos Communication Congress (Berlin, Germany), ekoparty (bueos aires, argentina), H2HC (sao paulo, brazil), SYSCAN (Hong Kong; Thailand), Bellua (Jakarta, Indonesia), INT (Mauritius), Interop (France), Rubicon (USA)... (You can find some of the events listed here).

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