REcon is a computer security conference with a focus on reverse engineering and advanced exploitation techniques. It is held annually in Montreal, Canada.

The conference offers a single track of presentations over the span of three days along with technical training sessions held before the presentation dates. Technical training varies in length between two and four days.


Conference: June 21-23, 2013

Training: June 17-20, 2013


REcon will be held in downtown Montreal, Canada at the Hyatt Regency Montreal.


Conference registration is now open.


We are starting to upload the video you can get them from the talk descriptions in the schedule. We will upload the rest of the video once we finish editing them.

We are starting to upload the slides you can get them from the talk descriptions in the schedule. We will upload the rest of the slides once we get them.

Conference schedule is now online

Accepted talk:
- Apple iCloud services reversed inside out by Andrey Malyshev

Recon Contest:
- Best Datenkrake Logo from a Recon Attendee will win a Datenkrake email your logo to datenkrake (at) recon.cx
Accepted talk:
- The Future of RE: Dynamic Binary Visualization by Christopher Domas

Accepted talk:
- Hybrid Code Analysis: Overcoming Weaknesses of Dynamic Analysis in Malware Forensics by Stefan Buehlmann and Jan Miller

Accepted talk:
- Taint Nobody Got Time for Crash Analysis by Richard Johnson and pa_kt

Accepted talks:
- Haow do I sandbox?!?! - Cuckoo Sandbox Internals by Jurriaan Bremer
- New ways to manage secret for software protection by David Baptiste
- Just keep trying ! Unorthodox ways to hack an old-school hardware by Bacura

Accepted talks:
- XNU Spelunking or Fuzzing the kernel inside your kernel by Jesse D'Aguanno
- Inside EMET 4.0 by Elias Bachaalany

Accepted talks:
- OpenGarages: Vehicle Research Labs by Craig Smith (30 Minutes)
- Hot-Wiring of the Future:! Exploring Car CAN Buses! by Grayson Zulauf, Christopher Hoder Theodore Sumers and Daniel Bilar (30 Minutes)
- Wardriving from your pocket: Using Wireshark to Reverse Engineer Broadcom WiFi chipsets by Omri Ildis and Ruby Feinstein

Accepted talks:
- Hiding @ Depth by Josh Thomas (30 Minutes)
- Reversing P25 Radio Scanners by Gabriel Tremblay (30 Minutes)
- Hardware reverse engineering tools : new threats and opportunities by Olivier Thomas

Accepted talk:
- Teridian SoC Exploitation: Exploration of harvard architecture smart grid systems by Josh Thomas and Nathan Keltner

We started selecting talks slowly, we received so many submissions it's very hard to choose which talk to accept. here is the first one:
- Reversing HLR, HSS and SPR: rooting the heart of the Network and Mobile cores from Huawei to Ericsson by Philippe Langlois

One last talk was selected for the first phase of the CFP:
- Reversing and Auditing Android's Proprietary Bits by Joshua J. Drake

The rest of the talks will be announced next month. Don't panic if your talk wasn't accepted yet, only six talks were selected for the first round.

2013/04/07: Selection for phase 1 of the CFP follows, more talks to be announced soon as we confirm them with the speakers.

Accepted Talks:
- In-depth Reverse Engineering of HackingTeam's Remote Control System by by Nicolas Brulez and Marta Janus
- I got 99 problems but a kernel pointer ain't one by Alex Ionescu
- Keep your tentacles off my bus, introducing Die Datenkrake by Dmitry Nedospasov and Thorsten Schroder
- Reconstructing Gapz: Position-Independent Code Analysis Problem by Aleksandr Matrosov and Eugene Rodionov
- Many More Tamagotchis Were Harmed in the Making of this Presentation by Natalie Silvanovich

2013/03/27: The iOS Security/Exploitation workshop has been modified from being a 3-day training to a 4-day training.

2013/03/05: REcon 2013 CFP and Training have been announced! Registration should open very soon.

2013/02/25: REcon 2013 conference and training dates have been announced! Stay tuned for the release of a CFP and further details.