Recon 2010

Recon 2010 Presentations:

Richard Thieme - Ethical Considerations of Intelligence and Information Security

Pierre-Marc Bureau and Joan Calvet - Understanding Swizzor's Obfuscation Scheme

Ero Carrera and Jose Duart - Packer Genetics: The Selfish Code

Gynvael Coldwind and Unavowed - Syndicate Wars Port: How to port a DOS game to modern systems

Dino Dai Zovi - Mac OS X Return-Oriented Exploitation

Nicolas Falliere - Reversing Trojan.Mebroot's Obfuscation

Yoann Guillot and Alexandre Gazet - Metasm Feelings

Sean Heelan - Applying Taint Analysis and Theorem Proving to Exploit Development

Assaf Nativ - Memory analysis - Looking into the eye of the bits

Ricky Lawshae - Picking Electronic Locks Using TCP Sequence Prediction

Danny Quist - Reverse Engineering with Hypervisors

Devian Ollam - Distinguishing Lockpicks - Raking vs Lifting vs Jiggling, and More

Sebastien Porst - How to really obfuscate your malware PDF files

Jason Cheatham and Jason Raber - Reverse Engineering*with Hardware Debuggers

Stephen Ridley - Escaping the Sandbox

Igor Skochinsky - Intro to Embedded Reverse Engineering for PC reversers

Michael Sokolov - SDSL reverse engineering

Jonathan Stuart - DMS, 5ESS and Datakit VCS II: interfaces and internals

William Whistler - Reversing, better

Georg Wicherski - dirtbox, a highly scalable x86/Windows Emulator

Sebastian Wilhelm Graf - Rainbowtables re-implemented


28/05/2010: We are oppening a second training "Windows Internals for Reverse Engineers by Alex Ionescu" on the 12 to 14 of July.

We just finished the selection of talks for Recon 2010, we will soon add the full description of the talks. The price of the conference entrance and of the trainings will increase tomorrow.

19/05/2010: Both Alex Ionescu and Rolf Rolles trainings are sold out.

19/05/2010: We are currently selecting the talks, and starting to contact the selected speakers.

12/05/2010: Hotel room can now be reserved online using the code "mnf57sdlkk999".

04/05/2010: Only 11 Days before the end of the Call For Papers. We have received very good submissions so far.

We have decided to keep early registration price for training and april price for the conference until the end of the CFP, the day after the speakers announcement the price will increase, there are only 55 tickets left so don't wait too mutch to register.

There are still seats available in all the training, but some of them are trainings are filling up quickly.

02/03/2010: Trainings have now been announced. We are keeping Febuary rate until Friday to allow people that where waiting for training to register under the super early registration rate.

15/02/2010: Registration is now open. Trainings will be announced later this week.

04/02/2010: CFP for Recon 2010 has been released.

04/02/2010: Alex Ionescu will be training on Windows Internal for Reverse Engineer.

04/02/2010: Gerardo Richarte will be training on Binary vulnerabilities and Exploit Writing.

04/02/2010: Rolf Rolles will be training on Binary Literacy: Static Reverse Engineering.

28/06/2008: Videos are now online on; download the avi files as other format videos are corrupted. We had technical problems that led to degraded video quality, so sorry for the inconvenience...


RECON is a computer security conference being held in Montreal. The conference offers a single track of presentations over the span of three days. RECON also offers a variety of technical training courses that take place just before the conference dates.


Conference: 9-11 July 2010

Training: 6-8 July 2010.


Recon will be held in Montreal, Canada at the DoubleTree Plaza Montreal.


Conference registration is now open,visit the conference page for details