There will be three training sessions this year.

Advanced Reverse Engineering

The training this year will focus on Unpacking Custom PE protections, x64 reversing and Malware Analysis.

Instructor: Nicolas Brulez
Dates: 10-12 June 2008
Availability: 13 seats

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Binary vulnerabilities and Exploit Writing

If you can at least read assembly and want to learn about buffer overflows, format strings, integer bugs, and more important, how to write exploits to take advantage of them, this class is for you.

Instructor: Gerardo 'gera' Richarte
Dates: 10-12 June 2008
Availability: 10 seats (Sold out)

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Binary Literacy: Static Reverse Engineering

This three-day course focuses on the static aspects of reverse engineering, namely, the science of deriving meaning from assembly code simply by reading it.

Instructor: Rolf Rolles
Dates: 10-12 June 2008
Availability: 13 Seats (Sold out)

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Training price and registration

Until 25th April 2008:
Recon Training early price 2400 CAD (2709 CAD tax inc.)
After 25th April 2008 - Registrations close on the 2d of June 2008:
Recon Training normal price 3000 CAD (3386.25 CAD tax inc.)

To register for a training session, download and fill this file and mail it to registration.training2008 recon cx


Trainings will be held in the same hotel than the conference, the DoubleTree Plaza Montreal.

For hotel reservation call the Hotel at 1-800-561-4644 and use the reservation code "REC".

Rates are:

130$ / night for a regular room at the DoubleTree
159$ / night for a suite at the Presidence.

La Presidence is a different part of the same hotel that only contain suites.